Bailey Jay’s Self Sucking

This trap loves cock so much she even tries very hard to suck her own cock. And who can blame her? (And don’t tell me you never tried to do it yourself). Bailey is nimble and knows how to throw her legs up in the air to try to get at least a little bit of her dick in her mouth. Of course, cock in mouth or not, she loves to jerk off into her own mouth. What would be fun is to surprise her as she’s trying to self suck, come up and suck her ass and then stick your cock right in her tight shaved asshole, she’ll come in seconds all over her own face while you shoot your jizz deep inside her bowels. Then you can both cumswap, make out with a nice cummy kiss, take a break and start sucking and fucking again. This could be an all night affair! Or a life long affair if I had the choice!

line trap cumming on her own face

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One Response to Bailey Jay’s Self Sucking

  1. tony says:

    fuck the sounds you make….makes me hard as are soooooooo sexy

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