Solo Masturbation Time

Bailey loves it all, and by that I mean that this teen shemale loves it ALL: sucking cock, getting fucked in her tightest of assholes, and drinking cum right out of the dick. But when there’s no dick to be found, what’s a lonely girl to do? Lucky for us, this girl has a dick of her own which she jacks off with to ecstatic orgasms. Although I find it hard to believe there wouldn’t be any volunteers to service her mouth and ass and give her that sweet cum that she could probably live on!

shemale t girl plays with her cock

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I’m a gorgeous chick with a big dick. Why are you so surprised?! Now, get down and suck my dick, and if you can get me off and swallow my cum, I’ll let you fuck me up the ass, and finish off in my mouth, straight out of my ass into my hot mouth. Does this sound like your dream girl or what?

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The Hottest T-Girl on the Planet!

How many times can I jerk off to this photo? Almost as many times as I have jacked off to Bailey’s vids. Great tits, a hard cock and a beautiful face that looks even better when it’s covered in cum! And I personally like the little baby fat on her stomach as she’s stroking off her beautiful dick!  What I wouldn’t give to suck off that cock, bend Bailey over, fuck her tight ass and cum all over her face. I’d probably give my right arm for a night of exstasy with Bailey!

chubby shemale with a big cock

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Cum Loving TS Takes Another Facial

What’s not to love about Bailey Jay? She’s hot as hell, has an awesome suckable cock and a tight juicy asshole that swallows fingers, dildos and cocks with ease, she fucks mouths, asses and pussies herself, and for the grand finale, she absolutely loves cum! She eats cum, swallows it, licks it up and loves having a hard cock cum all over her beautiful face. And when there isn’t cock to spray her mouth with, she’ll jerk off in her own mouth, swallow and lick up every drop of delicious jizz. Here she’s having a good day as there’s a fellow ready to oblige and jerk off right on her lips and tongue, making her one happy t-girl!

beautiful teen transsexual sucks a cock and gets cum on her face

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Kardashian the Transsexual?

Is Kim Kardashian actually a biological male? I don’t think so. I think she’s just not that good looking, and the opposite of Bailey who is sporting the Kim look in this set but looks way better looking!

kim kardashian is a shemale and has a penis

And best of all, she’s got an awesome cock!

middle eastern looking teen shemale with a nice cock

Bailey really is the most beautiful t-girl on the planet that ever lived!

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Gratuitous Under the Cock Shot

I love these shots from right under the cock, this is the way my perspective would be right before swallowing that teen shemale dick, sucking it just until she gets hard and then denying orgasm for later, I’d flip Bailey over and pound her ass until I shoot my cum so deep in her anal cavity it might as well fly right out of her throat. Only then, will I suck off or jerk off her own cock. Priorities…

Bailey Jay posing and stroking shemale penis

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Emo Shemale Masturbation!

Walk in, see this… do what? I’d shatter my kneecaps to get a taste of that teen t-girl cock, make it expand in mouth and suck it dry, swallowing all the jizz, the turn her around and pound her tight little pink asshole until I shoot my own cum all the way up her rectum. How’s that for a plan? And you?

bailey jay anime shemale

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